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Buster Voodoo

Rodrigo Y Gabriela

Hailing from Mexico, Rodrigo Y Gabriela play acoustic guitars – with energy & fire.

Their 2009 album , 11:11pays homage to 11 musical influences – they are diverse influences, from Dimebag Darrell to Paco De Lucia to Astor Piazzolla.

Tierra Acido was the name of the metal band formed by Rodrigo Sanchez in the early 1990’s. Gabriela Quintero joined in 1993. By the late 90’s the metal band was left behind in Mexico as they travelled to Europe to further develop musically. Dublin, Ireland became home, living from busking on Grafton Street and playing small pubs …

Busking In Ireland

Busking In Ireland

Opening for Damien Rice early into the new century was a big break. The momentum this generated matched their performances and quickly a much broader audience was gathering.

11:11 was the first Rodrigo Y Gabriela production to land in my collection. It was simple serendipity …

I had been listening to Art Phillips (a renowned local guitarist) disc – Chitarre Acustiche d’Italia – and I had a yearning for more acoustic guitar with a Latin flavour, but a bit more dramatic and lively. Perhaps not flamenco but heading that way. One day I was  browsing through Red Eye Records in Sydney, the cover caught my eye. I had a look, read bits of the information booklet and thought this could satisfy my desire. Purchased unheard … but I was more than pleased from the first moments of the opening track – Hanuman (which pays homage to Carlos Santana).

This got my attention.

Album Cover – it got my attention.

Connection with Voodoo Chile?

Simple really. Buster Voodoo:

* is the track written to pay homage to Jimi Hendrix as a significant influence over the music of Rodrigo Y Gabriela
* the song title; Buster is the nickname Jimi had as a small boy and Voodoo is taken from the song we played at Crossroad #5.


Other Stuff You Might Enjoy

* The website for RYG is www.rodgab.com. You’ll find some information about and video of their new recording Area 52 which has them revisiting some of their previous composition with a 13 piece band.

* The site www.rodgabfan.com has been put together by a fan. In terms of resources – you’ll find interviews, concert reviews, concert videos in the archive.

Where to next?

OK, Buster the signposts are point the way …

North: The Partisan by Leonard Cohen
East:    Toussaint L’Overture by Santana
South: Viva Emiliano Zapata from Gato Barbieri
West:  Voodoo Chile, I suppose we could revisit … mmm.

Crossroad 6

What’s your choice?